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Bikini Atoll Nuclear Test Site, Marshall Islands

Bokissa Eco Island Espiritu Santo,Vanuatu – Tropical Rain Forest & Coral Reef, Nature Reserve.

Chief Roi Mata’s DomainEfate Island, Vanuatu – UNESCO World Heritage Site

Colo – I – Suva Forest ParkViti Levu, Fiji – Nature Reserve – 2.5 sq km.

Easter Island – Chile – Rapa Nui National Park and UNESCO World Heritage Site – 71.3 sq km.

East Rennel Island โ€“ Solomon Islands โ€“ UNESCO World Heritage Site – Designated in 1998 making it the first UNESCO site in the Pacific. The area includes a raised coral atoll and the 130 sq km Lake Tongariro National Park, which is the largest freshwater lake in the Pacific.

Funafuti Marine Conservation Area Tuvalu – Reef, lagoon and six islets covering 33 sq km.

Galapagos IslandsEcuador – National Park and UNESCO World Heritage Site – 7995.4 sq km.

Ha’atafeu Beach Reserve Tongapatu, Tonga.

Hakaumamato Reef ReserveTongapatu, Tonga

Henderson IslandPitcairn Islands – UNESCO World Heritage Site – 3,700 hectares.

Jarvis Island United States – United States Pacific Island Wildlife Reserve – 4.5 sq km. The island is an uninhabited coral island which is part of the United States Minor Outlying Islands and is the only island located in the south Pacific which form part of the Pacific Remote Islands National Monument and National Wildlife Refuge System, a group of seven islands and atolls located in the north Pacific.

J.M Barker Historic Reserve Hanson Bay, Chatham Island New Zealand – Kopi forest containing several Maiori tree carvings – 33 hectares.

Kermadec Islands Nature ReserveNew Zealand – Six uninhabited sub-tropical islands covering 33.08 sq km.

Manu’a IslandsAmerican Samoa – National Park of American Samoa – 9,000 acres, 2,500 acres of which is a marine park.This park is the United States’ only national park located in the southern hemisphere.

Manuae Islands Cook Islands – Marine Park and Conservation Area – 6.17 sq km.

Marovo LagoonSolomon Islands – Eco Reserve – 700 sq km – The world’s largest lagoon with a double barrier reef.

Million Dollar PointSegond Channel, Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu – Marine Reserve.

Monuafe Reef ReserveMonuafe Island, Tonga

Mauna Reef Giant Clam ReserveTongapatu, Tonga

Muihopohoponga Coastal ReserveNiutoua, Tonga.

New Caledonia Barrier Reef New Caledonia – Marine Reserve – 24,000 sq km. The world’s second largest double barrier reef.

New Caledonia Rain ForestLoyalty Islands, New Caledonia – Protected Eco-system – 14,600 sq km.

Norfolk & Philip Islands Australia – National Park and Botanic Gardens – 6.10 sq km.

Phoenix Islands โ€“ Kiribati โ€“ UNESCO World Heritage Site – 408,250 sq km – The Phoenix Islands Protected Area (PIPA) is the largest Marine Park in the world.

Rangaimotu Reef ReserveNuku’alofa Harbour, Tongapatu, Tonga

Solomon Islands Rain Forest – Tropical broad leaf rain forest eco – region incorporating Papua New Guinea’s Bougainville and Buka Islands – 22,369 sq km.

Suwarrow Atoll Cook Islands – Cook Islands National Park – 0.4 sq km.

Tairo AtollFrench Polynesia – UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

Takutea IslandCook Islands – Wild Life Sanctuary with protected coral reef – 1.22 sq km.

Vanuatu Rain Forest – Tropical broad leaf rain forest eco-region, which also includes the Solomon Islands’ Santa Cruz Island group – 8,207 sq km.

Maeva Maraes (Huahine): The ancient Tahitians gathered to worship their gods and hold other ceremonies at stone temples known as maraes.

Taputapuatea Marae (Raiatea)
Hawaii Volcanoes National Park , Hawai’i
Levuka Historical Port Town, Fiji
Nan MadolIn , Federatede States of Micronesia
Papahฤnaumokuฤkea, Hawai’i
Phoenix Islands Protected Area, Kiribati
Rock Islands Southern Lagoon, Palau
Taputapuฤtea, Raiatea, French Polynesia
Stone Monoliths , Koror, Ngarchelong, Palau
‘ฤ€rahurahu Marae, Pฤ’ea, French Polynesia
Stone Money, Yap
Lelu Ruins Historic Park, Tofol, Kosrae, Micronesia