19ยฐ 03.322’S 169ยฐ 55.512’W

niue yacht club sponsiors the south pacific posse

The Niue Yacht Club welcomes the South Pacific Posse with a 20 % discount off mooring fees

Known as the โ€œBiggest Little Yacht Club in the World”

Niue Yacht Club has 15 moorings available to use. All moorings have been recently fully inspected, new ropes and shackles fitted where required and passed as fit for purpose and safe for vessels to use pending seas conditions. There are a mixture of single and double blocks that will all accommodate vessels up to 16 metres pending sea conditions. Larger or heavy vessels should specifically request a double block mooring.


Mooring Coordinates

#7 19ยฐ 03.322’S 169ยฐ 55.512’W

Please note: ONLY moorings #1 and #7 are available during cyclone season.

Niue Yacht Club Moorings


Channel 16 – Niue Radio/Telecom

Arrivals and Departures

On Arrival in Niue

  1. Pickup the numbered mooring you have been allocated
  2. Ensure you have read and understood the Notice to Mariners HERE โ€“ and are familiar with the Doโ€™s and Donโ€™tโ€™s for Yachties
  3. Every yacht must contact Niue Radio on channel 16 when within VHF range. This channel is monitored 24 hrs a day and will contact Customs and Immigration with your details for your check in process. Please DO NOT come ashore unless instructed by Niue Radio.
  4. Check-in and check-out times for immigration, customs and biosecurity are as follows:
    oย Monday โ€“ 9-11 am
    oย Tuesday to Friday โ€“ 9-10 am & 2-3 pm
    oย Saturday & Sunday โ€“ 9-10 am & 2-3 pm *by arrangement and subject to staff availability
  5. Ensure you have your documentation and your vessel ready for inspection.
    o Niue Vessel Report Form
    oย Niue Health Declarationย 
    oย Niue Biosecurity Declaration
  6. Yachts coming onto the mooring field for shelter and repairs have up to 24 hours to carryout repairs and/or rest before they must leave or clear through Customs and pay the departure tax of NZ$150pp.
  7. Head to the Visitor information centre, and they can help you book transport and activities on the island whilst you are here and enjoy your time in Niue.

On Departure from Niueย 

  1. Ensure all mooring fees have been paid in full
  2. Present your departure documents for clearing
  3. Tell your friends what a great time you had in Niue โ€“ and come again!


There are fees associated with clearance, immigration and biosecurity.

  • Clearance NZ$50 per vessel
  • Afterhours Customs Clearance NZ$20.00 per vessel. *by arrangement and subject to staff availability.
  • Departure Tax NZ$150 per person

oย Free if staying less than 24hrs
o Free for under 12โ€™s

ย Amenities

  • Daily Rubbish removal (Mon-Fri) and destruction
  • Vessel clearing costs โ€“ government staff and vessel
  • Pet clearance costs
  • Use of winch
  • Wharf storage for dinghys

Local Interactive Map Niue

ย Official Website
Welcome to Niue Yacht Club

Must see and Do

  • Matapa Chasm
  • Limu Pools
  • Togo Chasm
  • Talava Arches
  • Aviaki Cavs
  • Utuko Beach
  • Hio Beach
  • Opaahi Landing
  • Taoga Niue Museum
  • Palaha Cave
  • Tomb Point
  • Hikulagi Sculpture Park