Yacht Services Nuku Hiva ๐Ÿ‡ต๐Ÿ‡ซ Sponsors the South Pacific Posse

I look forward to meeting and helping the participants

Cheers, Kevin

Yacht Services Nuku Hiva
Please correspond primarily by email and only by phone for truly urgent needs, Thank you!

BP 301 Taiohae, 98742 Nuku Hiva, French Polynesia

+689 87 22 68 72


VHF 72, Monday โ€“ Friday 0800-1400

Nuku Hiva Yacht Services


Our Services:

I look forward to meeting the participants and perhaps you as well. Cheers, Kevin. Yacht Services Nuku Hiva BP 301 Taiohae, 98742 Nuku Hiva, French Polynesia +689 87 22 68 72, YSNukuHiva@hotmail.com VHF 72, Monday โ€“ Friday 0800-1400


Yacht Formalities (Customs & Immigration)

Duty Free Fuel Authorization

Bond Exemption Letter (medical insurance required)



Yacht Support

General Cleaning

Hull Cleaning

Gas bottle filling (butane)

Sail Repair

Mechanic (inboard / outboard)

Wood and fiberglass repair and fabrication

Metal repairs & fabrication

Parts Sourcing

Shipโ€™s Provisioning (local stores, fruit, flowers, etc.)

Duty Free Importation



Shore Support

Car Rental


Excursions (Land & Sea)

Hotel Reservations

Airline Ticket Reservations & Purchasing


Tour Information (guided and non-guided)


Computer Access

Printing/Scanning/Photo Copies

Remote Office Support (Telephone / Fax / SKYPE)

Tattoo Artists




Self guided hikes/walks around Taiohae is available at Yacht Services.

Guided hiking trips are available through Yacht Services.ย  Prices vary.

Island tours are available with advanced booking for half day full day or hourly.ย  Prices vary..

Horse back riding for half and full day is available.

Scuba diving trips can be booked with the Club Plongรฉe next door to Yacht Services.

Snorkeling trips can be booked with Yacht Services.ย  Half-day 20 000 cfp full day 40 000 cfp.

Sports Fishing for local game fish like Wahoo, Tuna, Mahi Mahi & Billfish can be booked through Yacht Services.ย  Half-day 30 000, full day 60 000 cfp.ย  We have all the tackle.

Hunting: local pig, goat hunting trips are also possible on horse back or by boat.



Shore Side Activities

Beach parties, local dance groups, barbecue, Himaa (earth oven), menu selection of local specialties, Pork/Goat on a spit.ย  Any of these things can be organized for you.

Party rentals: Tables, chairs, ice chests, party tents.

Party services: Bar Tenders, food servers, cooks, security etc.

Remote camping: we can provide transportation and supplies to remote camping locations for a more extreme marquisien experience.