How to set up Rally Group Tracking

Written by Nick Olson – predict wind

If you are in a rally with PredictWind tracking the feature is usually set up when you are added to the rally tracking group by the PredictWind support staff.

You can check this or add yourself to the group in the PredictWind App or by logging into your account at This feature cannot be setup in the Offshore App.

On the forecast website Go to Tools > GPS Tracking > Tracking Groups

In the PredictWind App go to GPS Tracking on the main menu then tap on the settings wheel.

Select the Rally name, you can only do this after you have been added the Rally tracking by PredictWind Support.

All boats in your Rally group will appear on your tracking pages, but most importantly in the Offshore App when on passage.

NOTE: It is important to do the first download in the Offshore App of your GPS tracks on a high speed connection.